Friday, April 22, 2011

Candi Doll - Candi International

Candi ® is back with brand new attitude by Jason Wu!
Acclaimed doll artist Jason Wu and original creator, Helena Hamilton, celebrate the re-introduction of everyone’s favorite girl, Candi ®, with a modern and sleek new look!
Quality fabrics, faux furs, exquisite accessories and fine jewelry accents, are pure symbols of the designer’s attention to detail and passion for his work! Jason Wu’s Candi ® International design team al so features the design talents of Nancy Kella for the Liquid Silver ® and Paparazzi Python ® fashions and Tess Barton for the Gold Rush ® fashion.
The limited Candi ® International collection, highlighting the beauty, style and sophistication of women from all around the world, will charm even the most demanding collectors!

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